Our Dog Trainers

The people behind SitHappensDog ........

Dave Stellato

Owner / Trainer

Dave Stellato is a state-renowned and highly recommended dog trainer.

He is known for his ability to bring people and their dogs closer together through his premier dog training system. He helps clients remove conflict from the training process. He then assists them with rehabilitating their dogs through emotional balance and structure.


Josh Jeffers

Head Trainer, Jacksonville, Florida

Josh Jeffers has been training canines since 2010. He has owned dogs since he was a kid, including some of his time in the military. His love for dogs motivated Josh to became a dog trainer in Jacksonville.


Jody Hancock


Jody came to Sit Happens Dog Training Jacksonville after a long career as a corporate executive. She was thrilled with the overwhelming support from her friends and family when she told them she now wanted to train dogs for a living. They had all witnessed Jody’s love of dogs and her innate abilities to calm and control “misbehaving” dogs.