Our Dog Trainers

Dave Stellato

Owner / Trainer

Dave Stellato is a state-renowned and highly recommended dog trainer.

He is known for his ability to bring people and their dogs closer together through his premier dog training system.  He helps clients remove conflict from the training process.  He then assists them with rehabilitating their dogs through emotional balance and structure.

Utilizing his background in training people, it came natural to instruct clients on how to motivate their furry friends.  The Sit Happens Dog Training team has been seen all over Jacksonville working with their own dogs in public spots throughout Duval and St Johns counties.

Dave is able to get incredible results in a timely manner. He teaches people how to train as they live.  Gone are the days of traditional dog train.  This system allows each and every client to maintain a happy dog, with off-leash control, under the challenging circumstances.  Dave coaches people to regain their confidence and tap into their dog’s natural instincts and show leadership … then lovership.

His motto is, “If you are going to do something, always do your best!” Dave’s passion is seen in his training, and he strives to transfer this enthusiasm to each of his clients.  Dave remains a student of dog training and continues to grow as a person as well as a trainer.


Spend some time with us and we’ll show you how to, “Live beyond the leash!”