Our Dog Trainers

Jody Hancock


Jody came to Sit Happens Dog Training Jacksonville after a long career as a corporate executive.  She was thrilled with the overwhelming support from her friends and family when she told them she now wanted to train dogs for a living.  They had all witnessed Jody’s love of dogs and her innate abilities to calm and control “misbehaving” dogs.

Jody’s favorite part of corporate work was directing a team of great people, but she felt little passion for the job. She aimed to do something that would make a positive contribution in people’s lives.  Now, as a dog trainer, Jody’s favorite part of every day is bringing the joy back to each dog owner.  She shows every person that they can have a calm, controlled, and balanced life with their dogs.  Jody loves canines and thoroughly enjoys the variety of breeds, behaviors, owner personalities, and home lives she is exposed to in the field.  She shares the owner’s thrill when, at the very first lesson, their dog is trained to come, sit, and stay.  The owner then gets the same performance using the simple steps they were just taught.

Jody has worked to meet Dave’s high standards in dog obedience training techniques.  It is very common for Dave or members of his team to be told, “I was at my wits end. I’ve tried other dog training services, and never once got the same results I’ve just had with you – and this is only the first lesson!”  Jody is psyched to now be expanding Sit Happens and to improve the lives of dogs and their owners throughout Arlington and North Jacksonville.