4 sessions with David & Brody improved dramatically!

dog training st johns countyOur dog, Brody, came to us with some bad habits and behavior. He was already a year old and hadn’t had any training or discipline. After just one session with David from Sit Happens we noticed a big difference. He showed us not just how to teach our dog “tricks” but how to understand a dog’s behavior.

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Over our 4 sessions with David, Brody improved dramatically and our understanding of him did too. One of our biggest concerns before the training was how much Brody would pull on his leash while we were walking him. He would literally choke himself! We have young kids and were concerned that if we let them hold the leash that he would yank them over or get loose. We tried several different collars including two different “gentle leaders”. After our training, Brody barely pulls at all, and only when there is a huge distraction (nobody’s perfect, he is a dog after all).

Brody can now be off-leash in the front yard without running away. And, even better, he does not try to escape out the front door when we open it. We also have completely broken his habit of jumping up on people when they first arrive.

Having a dog is a long-term commitment and the training never stops.

With the tools and knowledge that Sit Happens gave us, the relationship between our family and our dog continues to improve every day. Thanks David!

John and Jen
St Johns County