(904) 248-8309
(904) 248-8309
Kendra Roop

Dog Trainer

Sit Happens is happy to have Kendra as part of the best dog training team in Jacksonville. Kendra has been working with people and dogs in a professional setting for 5 years. She has a special combination of energy and passion and you can’t help but see it when she starts teaching people what their dogs are thinking. Her real passion for training started while working in dog care facilities. She was fascinated with how dogs learn and observe. She would watch every move and then research what each behavior and facial expression meant.

Her next endeavor brought her closer to her passion, training. She took a job with a board and train company. There she had her first exposure to training methods and how specific breeds have individual traits and behaviors. The missing link came with the realization that the best board and train program was still missing the most important piece, the dog owner. She's excited to bring that piece of the pie to Sit Happens and their private training programs. Now she can show an all owners how to better their dog and themselves.

You’ll almost always find Kendra with her dog. When she’s not you’ll find her kickboxing her way through the gym or indulging in scifi and anime.

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